Fuel Smart HydroStat 3000


The Fuel Smart HydroStat is standard equipment on many premier boiler lines.  It can also be used as a universal replacement control to improve the performance and fuel efficiency of older cold-start gas boilers equipped with smaller, single-function Aquastats.

Three Function Control:

  • Universal Temp Limit
    Replaces cold-start Hi-Limit Aquastats*
  • Low Water Cut-Off
    Protects boiler from damaging dry-fires
  • Fuel Saving Boiler Reset
    Saves fuel by reducing the boiler temperature during non-peak demand

» Click here to learn how Fuel Smart HydroStat saves fuel.

*Note: not compatible with OS-100 outdoor reset kit
*Aquastat is a registered trademark of Honeywell


Safety Recall Notice

Specifications Model 3000
Voltage 24 VAC
Description/Operation For cold start gas boilers, universal replacement high limit control with adjustable high limit. Replaces smaller, single function limit control models.
Replaces Honeywell L4006A, L4080B