Safety Recall Notice

HydroStat Model 3000 on the Slant Fin VSPH Boiler.

After a thorough analysis of the HydroStat model 3000 on the Slant Fin VSPH Series boiler, Hydrolevel has decided to issue a voluntarily recall of the control with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and working in conjunction with Slant Fin.

Our investigation has discovered that under certain conditions, the relay contacts on the control can stick and cause the burner to operate above the high temperate limit setting – Potentially posing a fire hazard.


Slant Fin has notified installers and homeowners on record of the recall.  If you have a Slant Fin VSPH Series boiler please click on the link below for instruction on what to do:


We regret any inconvenience this issue may cause our valued customers. If you have questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact Hydrolevel Tech Support at 800-654-0768.