CG400 Series

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  • Intermittent Level Test – Maximum Protection for Foaming Boilers
  • 15 Second Burner Off Delay
  • 30 Second Burner On Delay
  • Low Water Indicating Light
  • Direct Boiler Mounting – Eliminates Blowdowns



30%”>Max. Pressure

Specifications Model CG400 Models CG450 and CGT450
Power Consumption 2.1 VA 4.2 VA
Switching Capacity 50 VA 5.8 FLA, 34.8 LRA
Switch Contacts SPDT SPDT
  15 PSI 15 PSI
  CG400-1090   24 VAC

Burner circuit contacts open after 15 second delay in a low water condition. Delay prevents short cycling caused by momentary fluctuations in the boiler water level. Automatically reactivates burner circuit 30 seconds after water reaches the probe, allowing optional water feeder to raise water level above the probe. Intermittent Level Test (ILT) feature provides maximum boiler protection by removing power from the burner circuit at set intervals.

Models ending in “1090” perform the ILT every 10 minutes for 90 seconds.

Models ending in “2060” perform the ILT every 20 minutes for 60 seconds.

  CG400-2060  24 VAC
 CG450-1090  120 VAC
CG450-1560 120VAC
  CG450-2060   120 VAC
CGT450-2060   120 VAC Same as CG450-2060 (described above) with added feature for boilers equipped with tankless coils. The CGT450-2060 suspends operation of the Intermittent Level Test when the boiler is receiving a call for domestic hot water. This feature ensures continued burner operation during a demand for hot water.
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