1100 Series


  • Compact Design
  • Automatic Reset
  • Burner Circuit Test Button
  • Power and Low Water LED Indicators
Specifications Model 1100
Power Consumption 1 VA Switching Capacity 50 VA Switch Contacts SPST Max. Pressure 160 PSI Max. Water Temperature 250F
 1100  24 VAC Interrupts power immediately in a low water condition. Automatically (manually for 1100M) restarts burner on return of water level. Features test button, on board indicating lights and easy to follow installation instructions. Includes plug-in wire harness with labeled quick-connect terminals. Residential Hot Water Boiler (160PSI)
1100M 24VAC
 1100 24 VAC   Compact low water cut-offs for residential boilers. Interrupts power immediately in low water condition. POWER and
LOW WATER lights with TEST button 1100 comes with wiring harness for standard fan center. 
 1100H2 1100 with wiring harness for boilers equipped with UTC Modules    
 1100H3 1100 without wiring harness    
 1100H5 1100 with harness for Weil-Mclain Ultra, Lochinvar
Knight and Solution. 
1100H7 1100 with harness for connecting to standard Field Control vent dampers.    
1100M (Commercial) 24 VAC   See description for 1100 (above) (includes manual restart instead of automatic)