LOW WATER CUT-OFF / FEEDER COMBINATIONS – For attachment to Gauge Glass Tappings

  • No moving parts in water.
    No floats to hang-up or foul.
  • Unique two probe design. Bouncing
    water line won’t cause on-off burner
    cycling or water valve slamming
  • Easy installation. Quick hook-up
    fittings adapt control to all 8″ to 14″
    sight glasses.
  • Simple fast wiring. Can be used with
    any standard automatic water feeder.


Specifications Model 711 Model 724
Power Consumption 8 VA 7 VA
Switching Capacity 50 VA 5.8 FLA, 34.8 LRA
Switch Contacts SPDT SPDT
Max. Pressure 15 PSI 15 PSI



  24 VAC
  120 VAC
Mounts to sight glass tappings. Maintains water level between two probes. Designed to operate with existing water feeder. Includes 711C manifold, two model EL1214 probes and quick hook-up fittings. Note: The 711 & 724 Series is recommended for use on older boilers that do not have tappings suitable for Safgard 400 and CycleGard 400 Series cut-offs.
  24 VAC
  120 VAC
Same as CF models (described above), includes water feed valve assembly.