Fuel Smart HydroStat 3100 & 3150





  • Temperature Limit and Low Water Cut-Off for Oil & Gas Fired Boilers
  • Replaces Cold Start and Triple-Action Aquastats®*
  • Install it on existing immersion well for full temperature functionality, or
  • Install it on an Electro-Well to add
    low water cut-off protection
  • Simple Dial Type Temp and Differential Settings
  • Dynamic Temperature Display
Specifications Model 3150  
Burner Contacts 7.4 FLA, 44.4 LRA@120VAC  
Circulator Contacts 5.8 FLA, 34.8 LRA@120 VAC  
Operating Range – Low Limit OFF or 110°F – 200°F  
Operating Range – High Limit 100°F – 220°F  
Operating Range – Low Differential 10°F – 30°F  
Operating Range – High Differential 10°F – 30°F  
3150 120 VAC,
For Oil Boilers. Cold Start or Warm Start, Adjustable Low Temp OFF or 110° to 200°F. Adjustable High Temp 100°F to 220°F. Adjustable Differentials 10°F to 30°F. IMPORTANT: Provides temperature functionality only when installed on existing standard immersion well. LWCO functionality activated when installed on Electro-Well. Replaces: L7124, L7124C, L7148A, L7224A, L7224C, L7224U, L7248C, L8124A, L8124C, L8148A, L8148C