AcuTemp Temperature Control 

The AcuTemp utilizes a microcontroller-based design to control water temperature. An advanced software algorithm closely monitors the rate of tank temperature changes and controls the heating source to minimize fluctuations in tank temperature while optimizing fuel efficiency. The control features adjustable temperature settings for both residential and commercial temperature operating ranges.

Specifications AcuTemp Specs


24 VAC, 60Hz


2.4 VA

Output  Dry contacts, 50 VA @ 24 VAC, 60Hz
Operating Range - High Limit

Model 2000 (Residential Setting): 60°F - 160°F default

Model 2000 (Commercial Setting): 60°F - 180°F

Other Models: 60°F to the number specified in the suffix of the model number. (ex Model 2000-135 has an operating temp range of 60°F - 135°F)

Differentials Automatically controlled 5°F - 10°F2