• Compact Design
  • Automatic Reset
  • Burner Circuit Test Button
  • Power and Low Water LED Indicators
Specifications Model 1100M

Power Consumption = 1 VA.      Switching Capacity = 50 VA.     Switch Contacts = SPST.    Max. Pressure = 160 PSI.    Max. Water Temperature = 250F

 1100M  24 VAC Interrupts power immediately in a low water condition. Automatically restarts burner on return of water level. Features test button, on board indicating lights and easy to follow installation instructions. Includes plug-in wire harness with labeled quick-connect terminals. Commercial Hot Water Boiler (160PSI)
 Automatic Reset with Burner Circuit test Button—Residential Code Controls 



24 VAC Compact low water cut-offs for commercial boilers. Interrupts power immediately in low water condition. POWER and 
LOW WATER lights with TEST button 1100 comes with wiring harness for standard fan center.