Fuel Smart HydroStat

Fuel Smart HydroStat 3200-Plus/3250-Plus

The Fuel Smart HydroStat is standard equipment on many premier boiler lines. It can also be used as a universal replacement control to improve performance and fuel efficiency. See our Sell Sheet for more information.

Low Water Cut-Offs

Low Water Cutoffs

Safgard Series 200 Flow switches offer easy installation and wiring, a universal design, field adjustable sensitivity . . .
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Water Feeders

Water Feeders – Steam Boilers

The VXTC combines Hydrolevel’s years of water feeder experience with advanced microchip technology, increased flow rates and other features essential for commercial applications. See details


Parts & Accessories

Hydrolevel also provides many different parts and accessories for our products. These include probes, electro-wells, manifold fittings, wire harnesses and outdoor sensor kits.
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